Call for Papers

Submissions should concern the use of software agents (either bound to physical devices or not) in the healthcare context, e.g.: equipment and drug inventory management, patients clinical record and follow-up management, patient monitoring in hospital or at home, planning patient transportation and interventions, etc.

Topics like Healthy Ageing, Active Living, Chronic Disease Management, Patient Empowerment or others related to Quality of Life are example of domains of interest.

Clinical decision support systems, adaptive and intelligent workflow management software, personal digital assistants, wearable technology ecosystems and the like are all examples of systems of interest.

Topics of interest

  • Agent-based methods for medical image segmentation or classification
  • Agent-based decision support systems for disease diagnosis
  • Agent-based medical data processing, such as EMR management and exchange, healthcare data streams from Internet of Things, HIS interoperability and integration
  • Mobile agents in hospital environments
  • Patient empowerment and chronic disease self-management through personalised agent-based systems and models
  • Intelligent agents that provide autonomous and remote care delivery
  • Clinical agent-based decision support systems, including recommender systems
  • Conversational agents and personal digital assistants for patient empowerment
  • Intelligent agents delivering information about discovery, lookup, fruition of medical services
  • Intelligent agents for patient monitoring and assisting diagnosis
  • Agent-based information retrieval for gathering, aggregating, processing, and organising various medical data available on Internet
  • Legal and ethical issues related to the use of software agents in healthcare
  • Surveys providing an up to date view of the state of the art in the area of agents in healthcare
  • Agent technology for preference learning as in the case of personal activity trainers
  • Agent technology for resource planning and task allocation in hospital environment